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Anodising is a process for producing a protective and decorative film of aluminium oxide on aluminium and its alloys.



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Anodising is a process for producing a protective and decorative film of aluminium oxide on aluminium and its alloys. The structure of the film formed is porous which enables it to absorb colors and electrolytic coloring produces a number of attractive shades. These colors are fast to light and weathering. Anodizing is the conversion of the parent metal.

Major portion of aluminium profiles are anodized in mill finish as received from extruders and produce a good attractive finsh. But sometimes in order to provide a special aesthetic appeal to the metal, these are given a special mechanical or chemical treatment prior to the anodizing process.

The standard finishings on aluminium are:

  • Mechanical Treatment
  • Chemical polishing or Electro-chemical brightening.

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