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We, at Radiant Anodisers Pvt.Ltd., have done some of the biggest and most complex projects with the latest methods of protecting structural Aluminium.


A partial list of the Projects done/being done by Radiant:

  1. Delhi International Airport
  3. DLF ICON Residential
  4. DLF Pinnacle Residential
  5. BPTP Park Centra, Gurgaon
  6. BPTP Parkland Heights, Faridabad
  7. Navijivan Plaza, Jaipur
  8. St.Xaviers School, Jaipur
  9. Kar Bhavan, Jaipur
  10. Indian Glycols Ltd., NOIDA
  11. Sungroup, Gurgaon
  12. Bestech Hotel, NOIDA
  13. Somdutt Residential Apartments Jaipur
  14. Om Towers Revolving Restaurant, Jaipur
  15. Hotel Park Plaza, Jaipur
  16. CSC Noida
  17. Vaibhav Multiplex, Jaipur
  18. AAA Gems Factory, Jaipur
  19. DLF IT Park, Kolkatta.
  20. DLF 25 Acres, Kolkatta
  21. DLF Building 7A, Gurgaon
  22. DLF Aralias
  23. DLF Building 10
  24. HSBC Bank, Jaipur
  25. C-DOS, Jaipur
  26. Jodhpur Arid Research Centre (World Bank Project)
  27. Cistems Software Institute Jaipur
  28. Derewala Jewellers, Jaipur
  29. Reliance Infocom, Jaipur
  30. Fun Cinema Multiplex, Jaipur
  31. NTPC, Rawatbhata, Kota
  32. Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha
  33. Jaipur International Airport
  34. Goa Airport
  35. Vridnawan Builders, Agra
  36. Vridnawan Builders, GOA
  37. Maruti Udyog Ltd., Vasant Kunj
  38. Dehradun Jolly Grant Airport
  39. Jawahar Lal Nehru Bhawan, Janpath Delhi.( Videsh Bhawan)
  40. Bharti Reality IT Park, Atlas Chowk, Gurgaon
  41. Bharti Reality IT Park, Manesar
  42. GPO, INA, Delhi
  43. World Trade Park, Jaipur
  44. Reliance Corporate Office, Connought Place, Delhi
  45. Fortis Hospital, Delhi
  46. Palledium Mall, Mumbai.
  47. DLF IT Park, Chennai


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