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Long life PVDF assures you that the building’s original appearance will survive for many years.


PVDF – Resin based Metal Coatings

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How can you assure that the beauty and color you create for a structure – be it a mall, hospital or industrial, will last long into the future, that time and climate do not diminish the architectural vision given shape first on paper and then in place?

By specifying metal coating systems based on the long life PVDF, such systems assure that the building’s original appearance will survive for many years with surfaces highly resistant to agents that attach and degrade lesser coating materials.

One of the strongest chemical bonds known – the carbon-fluorine bond gives PVDF its stubborn resistance to change by fading, chalking or erosion, its ability to resist the harshest of airborne industrial and atmospheric pollutants.

Color issues a statement, creates a mood and makes that desired first impression quickly and more effectively than almost any other architectural component. But color’s beauty can vanish. Sunlight, with harsh UV rays can quickly turn brown to tan, red to pink and deep blue to sky blue.

PVDF is noted for its extremely high resistance to chemicals such as caustic mortars and acid washes. A proven performer for decades, Poly Vinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) can be found on monumental, high-rise, institutional, commercial, industrial, military and pre-engineered buildings throughout the world. Its full strength resin system, in combination with extremely durable ceramic pigmentation gives this product unsurpassed performance qualities.

Resistance to chalking and fading. It should be specified and used wherever the highest possible performance against weathering is required.

It is also appropriate for institutional use on hospitals and schools, correctional facilities, commercial office structures, industrial applications and storefronts, when highest performance and longest life with minimal color fading and chalking is required.

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PVDF Aluminium Metal Coatings

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