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Our Process

High speed aluminium extrusion double stage lines

Mill Finish Aluminium

Mill finished aluminium sections received from the customer are unpacked for processing.
We have huge storage space for metal profiles and sections of over 100 M.T.
The ultimate surface texture required will determine the type of pre-treatment necessary.
The received sections are unpacked from their protective packing and prepared for pre-treatment process.

High performance aluminium buffing and processing machines


Buffing processes for smoothing the workpiece's surface wherever required.
Buffing operations are carried out using either flat-bed machines or hand spindles.
It should be remembered that polishing is unlikely to remove heavy die lines or scratches.
The metal is submitted to a series of operations in contact with abrasive belts varying in grit sizes.

High performance aluminium profile pretreatment plc controlled machines


The final appearance of anodised material depends on the anodising process itself,
on the type of pre-treatment applied, as well as the choice of alloy, and the condition of the metal.
The selection of pre-treament and the care with which it is carried out are important quality factors.
The best of pre-treatment chemicals come from Henkel Chembond and Chemetall.

High performance long converyor curing oven machines


Pretreated aluminium sections are jigged onto the conveyor system for final coating and processing.
The capacity of our pretreatment line and conveyor system is to handle 6 mtr long components with ease

High performance aluminium pvdf and powder coaring machines


Coating of the workpiece with customer specified specifications in a controlled environment.
We are one of the few companies providing PVDF coating, powder coating and decorative finishes, to give wood or marble patterns on metals, with exterior durablities.
We are approved applicators of Akzo Nobel for Powder and PVDF, PPG for PVDF, Valspar for PVDF, Asian PPG for Powders.
We do coatings for not only AAMA 2603 specs but also for AAMA 2604 and 2605, which is the toughest specification laid so far for coatings on Aluminium.

High performance long single aluminium coating curing oven machines

Oven Curing

The curing oven is the heart of the coating process.
Duly calibrated oven to produce ideal heat schedules required for varied types of powder/paints is vital for quality.
Oven Curing of coated workpiece is done at Radiant on an automatic PLC controlled converised long oven which is sycnhronised with a three second changeover to prevent colour variations.

High performance aluminium anodising profile unloading machines


Unloading of finished workpieces from conveyor.

High performance aluminium anodising quality analysis and control machines

Quality Analysis

All coated workpieces undergo several stages of inspection and quality control.
We have a fully operational lab for short term testing to test coatings as per AAMA specs.
Tests like coating thickness, colour adhesion, bonding and uniformity are performed.

High performance finished aluminium profile packing machines

Packing & Shipping

Modern and well-equipped packaging department.
We always ensure that all material is shipped defect-free and safely packaged.
We provide full logistic support for in-time services with trucks of our own to minimize delays in despatches.

Protecting Architectural Aluminium with PVDF Coatings, Powder Coatings, Anodising and Wood Finishes