Wood Finishes

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Wood Finishes

Wood Finish Aluminium Architectural Coatings are a dream come true for the architects and modern designers. This newest technology gives builders, architects and interior designers the ability to provide the impression of real wood with the durability of architectural aluminium. The structural properties of aluminium and the aesthetics of wood finish powder coating combined is a perfect replacement wooden structural components in architecture. Maintenance free and easy to operate structural components that are termite proof with very good aesthetics are for people who cannot resist the temptation of wood.

Wood Finishing is the process of applying a wood grain effect onto aluminium profiles through a powder coating process. The coating offers the largest range of wood finish effects, making windows and doors look just like natural wood of the customers choice. Techniques at Radiant Anodisers offer you the best texture and highest quality finishes for architectural aluminium components. The base PV powder for wood finishes has a life of 15 years and the image transfer process is done through sublimation under stringent quality control processes.

  • Wood Finish Aluminium Architectural Coating external profiles
  • Wood Finish Aluminium Architectural Coating for external walls and fences
  • Wood Finish Aluminium Architectural Coatings for interior roof and flooring
  • Wood Finish Aluminium Architectural Coatings for external and interior profiles
Get the sturdiness of Aluminium and the rich look of Wood
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